TCM Multi-Tool 59.0

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  1. TrynCatchMe
    Version 58/59(released)
    Quick Fix To Version 57-59

    Version 57(released)
    Quick Fix To Version 56

    Version 56(released)
    Fixed some random bugs
    BO2 extra section is now made VIP only
    Fixed injection for PS3 + Xbox users

    Version 53/54(released)
    Fully fixed the TCM premium menu options.

    Version 53/54(released)
    Hopefully fixed downloading/injecting the premium TCM menu

    Version 52(released)
    Added BO3 unlock all (Finally)

    Version 52(released)
    Added scrollbar for people with super small screens who can't see the whole application.

    Version 50(released)
    Changed how the Database works for grabbing
    More advanced Grabbing and DB now
    Added Cryping to Premium pullers (GTA V and BO2)
    Fixed Cloudflare Resolver.
    Added Copy Options to premium tabs
    Changed how downloading premium menu and injection works (Lot easier one click now)

    Version CURRENT (released)
    Quick bug fixes for stuff I forgot
    added own in house cloudflare resolver.

    Version 44 (NOT released)
    Fixed some bugs
    added random password generator
    added giveaway winner selector.

    Version 42 (Released)
    Random Bug Fixes
    Anyone who paid for premium message me as freemode is up.

    Version 42 (Released)
    Finally Fixed The Bullshit free mode XD

    Version 41 (Released)
    Fixed free Mode not letting people in.

    Version 40 (Released)
    Minor bug fixes I missed before.

    Version 37 (Released)
    Addded VIP login/register (Key required for first register)
    Made it so you no longer need to rely on Neighborhood, Can type IP manually if you so wish.
    So much stuff for Bo2 and GTA I cannot remember, MAY BE BUGGY JUST MESSAGE ME ANY ISSUES.

    Version 36 (Released)
    Fixed Various Bugs.
    Added/Finished working on Advanced Player Information Lookup.

    Adding where you can whitelist users for pullers and various other things.

    Fixed the all client options for GT changer.
    Added Change GT To IP
    Added Change GT TO ISP
    Added Change GT To Country
    Added Change GT To City
    Added Change GT To State
    Added Change GT To Zip Code
    Added Change GT To lat,lon
    Added Change GT To ISP
    Fixed up the VPN detection on the premium IP Puller
    Added a dedicated VPN Detector to the game (Premium/VIP as well)
    Added where you can choose between 12/18 players on the VPN detector
    Added On/Off for uploading IPs to the DB for premium IP Puller.
    Fixed a few timers messing up and not starting properly.
    Added Advanced Console information!
    Added a Gold/silver account checker.
    Added advanced player information

    Version 32 (Released)
    Quick Bug Fixes From version 31

    Version 31 (Released)
    Quick Bug Fixes From version 30

    Version 30 (Released)
    Added where you can set max players in game 1-18
    Added a different live chat which can be found on the main page.
    Fixed Smaller Game Modes Crashing!
    Added exit and minimize to the Login Page.

    Version 29 (Already Released)
    Added information of what is going on, On the home page
    Added Black ops 2 Change Smoke Color Trees and smoke size
    Added Instagram upload to profile itself or story
    Added GTA V Gamertag Changer
    Added GTA V 100% Game Save Injector
    Fixing Injectors in the next few updates to make them show information on injecting
    Multi threaded injector so program doesn't freeze

    Added so you can do goodbye connection prank on users.

Recent Updates

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  3. Version 56 Update

Recent Reviews

  1. xxx000
    Version: 59.0
    it doesn't let me log in
    1. TrynCatchMe
      Author's Response
      There is nothing wrong with the login and no one else has reported it not working.
  2. XGiantModzIDK
    Version: 55.0
    OMG its the best tool i have seen so far!!!!!
    1. TrynCatchMe
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your kind feedback :)
  3. o Dat Apple o
    o Dat Apple o
    Version: 55.0
    I fucking love this tool
    1. TrynCatchMe
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your kind feedback :)
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